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Marvelous Mail

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New community interest [05 Jul 2013|05:28pm]

Hey you crazy kids,

So, I've messaged Sarah (girlaxia, the mod of this community) both here on LJ and via the MM gmail address in regards to taking over this community as moderator so I can get it back up and running again. LJ has definitely died down a lot in the past few years, but I'm sure this community would be one to get people back into the groove of things. And who doesn't love getting mail!!

But, in the event that Sarah isn't able to get back to me, who would be interested in joining a new community, moderated by me, that is essentially the same as this one? My plan is to keep it the same in pretty much every way, except I respect that Sarah doesn't want people just blindly copy and pasting the community rules etc onto a different community.

It'd still be international, still made up of both package rounds and postcard rounds, and still loads of fun!

So, if you're interested, post a comment here or message me at my own LJ, and we'll go from there!
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[24 Jan 2012|01:59pm]

We haven't done a round since May last year :( I miss you guys! My letter box is so empty!
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[20 Jul 2011|09:27am]

I did get my postcard! I am unsure when as I have been on the road for the past 3 weeks. It was a pleasant surprise to come home and after wading through 3 weeks worth of mail finding this ...

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Postcard Arrived [12 Jul 2011|08:45pm]

My postcard finally arrived!!! (Screw you Canada Post strike)

It was sent from brittany_echo and it features the coolest paper owl.  I absolutely adore it -- you're right, more is more.

Thanks so much <3

owl postcard
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[30 Jun 2011|11:11pm]

I got my postcard from rena_librarian a week or so ago! She is moving so her postcard featured a cute map with several destinations!

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I got a postcard!!! [20 Jun 2011|03:13am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

*sheepish* I actually got the card last week, but then it was in my car when my car broke down and went to the shop, and I just got my car back. But here you go!

I got this lovely postcard from Kimberly (she didn't put her lj username!), who told me all about the trip she was taking around USA this summer! (I saw Edgar Allan Poe's home when I was a kid - it was really interesting!!!) It sounds like she's going to be seeing a lot of cool places - I hope she has fun!

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[19 Jun 2011|10:32pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This arrived a couple of days ago, but life has been hectic and I haven't had a chance to post it till now. It's from thesmallwonder.The back reads:
This summer I'm going to quit my day job and become a martial arts instructor! I practice a modernized version of Shaolin Kempo and beginning instructors wear a red belt. I've worked in the entertainment industry creating video games for over 7 years but I'm finally ready to follow my passion instead!

More power to you, I hope that goes well!

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postcard! F1RST!! =D [18 Jun 2011|02:20am]

Frankly, I'm shocked that I'm first, but mine came in the mail yesterday:

The back reads: 

This summer I am selling legos to pay for my ticket to Wincon, where  I will (hopefully) be hosting a How-to-make-plushies panel. I am so excited! --Bryn

Bryn and I were paired up before, and I see green is still her favorite color. =) It isn't as obvious from the scan, but this card is SO thick and texture-y! Love it! (It's covered in a layer of plastic to protect it, actually!) Hope you have fun, Bryn! =D
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Are we still mailing? [25 Jun 2010|10:54pm]

So what's going on over here? I'm well keen to start another round!
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second card received! [18 Dec 2009|12:51pm]

I got a postcard from hogan_nator  this afternoon. At first I was really confused because it has been so long since the postcard round. But, then I remembered and got a lot less freaked out. I'm pretty much in love with the Captain Murphy sticker.Thank you!!
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[30 Nov 2009|09:16pm]

oh heyyyyy marvelousmail, when are we going to start up another round?
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Got my Postcards! [20 Oct 2009|10:35am]

...and one is from Mellywhiteyo (which made me ridiculously excited).  I will post photos when I get home.

Thank you, thank you!
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Postcard #1! [08 Oct 2009|08:52pm]

Just wanted to say that I got my first awesome postcard from northwall!

I've been moving and starting a new job in the past few weeks, so it took me a while to get a chance to pick up all my mail from my parents' house. It arrived a while ago, so no worries! Sorry it took me forever to actually get a hold of it! Picture and description behind the cut.

The stars at night are big and bright...Collapse )
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Next Round thoughts... [04 Oct 2009|07:15pm]

I think the postcard round went pretty well, don't you?

Who's up for another round before xmas/can be due during xmas holidays, perhaps early January.

when would you like to see the next round due?
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Oh, by the way- [03 Oct 2009|02:17pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I got my postcards =P I keep forgetting to post them. I like them a lot! I got them from Beaupepys and Jammaster_Goat. I am only giving a cellphone picture because this is a temporary diversion from working on my thesis so I probably shouldn't take super nice pictures and stuff as that takes slightly more work. However, they both look much better than this photo would tell you, especially the left card, the light definitely washed it out.

But the one from England is super cool- I thought it was the most awesome wallpaper ever until I realized you just made it super awesome with pens and whatnot! It's so pretty, and very fun to touch =) I am doing well, I hope you are too.

The one from Portland amuses me: I just officially moved to Portland and forgot to tell Marvelous Mail because the post office forwards everything to my new address from my old address. I am even in the same section of Portland as you are, though not exactly blocks away- closer to Reed than you. I'm so amused =P But yes, I do like it here, I hope I get to end up back here someday. Here or Taiwan =P

Anyway, thank you both!

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[29 Sep 2009|03:25pm]
Thanks to "ratty" and Northwall! Here are pictures!

Thanks again to the both of you! They now grace my wall right above my desk. On this side I have all my posters from home, and on the other are my new posters and flyers I've collected while studying here in Copenhagen. They're both beautifully done, thank you thank you once again!
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[24 Sep 2009|05:15pm]

Received my first postcard today from faerie_lass! It's a lovely duct tape poscard, images of the 4 Nations a la Avatar: the Last Airbender! Woot!
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[22 Sep 2009|10:33pm]

My postcards arrived :)

Card 1 - MellywhiteyoCollapse )
Card 2 - tragicverdigrisCollapse )
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First [18 Sep 2009|04:15pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Due to personal issues I wasn't able to send out my cards right away. They did go out today and I'm sorry for the delay.

I did however receive a postcard the other day. Not sure which user it was but it came from a Shaf K.

It's pretty awesome!!

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[18 Sep 2009|04:07pm]

Received both my postcards.

Thank you to zoewhy (top image) and thingsbehindsun (lemur skull card)

As you can see... they are both very artistic!

Thanks again! :-)

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