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Oh, by the way-

I got my postcards =P I keep forgetting to post them. I like them a lot! I got them from Beaupepys and Jammaster_Goat. I am only giving a cellphone picture because this is a temporary diversion from working on my thesis so I probably shouldn't take super nice pictures and stuff as that takes slightly more work. However, they both look much better than this photo would tell you, especially the left card, the light definitely washed it out.

But the one from England is super cool- I thought it was the most awesome wallpaper ever until I realized you just made it super awesome with pens and whatnot! It's so pretty, and very fun to touch =) I am doing well, I hope you are too.

The one from Portland amuses me: I just officially moved to Portland and forgot to tell Marvelous Mail because the post office forwards everything to my new address from my old address. I am even in the same section of Portland as you are, though not exactly blocks away- closer to Reed than you. I'm so amused =P But yes, I do like it here, I hope I get to end up back here someday. Here or Taiwan =P

Anyway, thank you both!
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