Drea (tragicverdigris) wrote in marvelousmail,

Postcard #1!

Just wanted to say that I got my first awesome postcard from northwall!

I've been moving and starting a new job in the past few weeks, so it took me a while to get a chance to pick up all my mail from my parents' house. It arrived a while ago, so no worries! Sorry it took me forever to actually get a hold of it! Picture and description behind the cut.


This was so super awesome because it's a WOODEN POSTCARD! So it can last forever and be super durable, instead of weak paper. Too cool, right? Plus, my best friend just moved to Texas, so any reference to Texas makes me smile right now.

Also, on the back there was an excellent 7-layer dip recipe, which I'm way excited to try out soon. Thanks, northwall!
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