Kirsty (hello_kirsty) wrote in marvelousmail,

New community interest

Hey you crazy kids,

So, I've messaged Sarah (girlaxia, the mod of this community) both here on LJ and via the MM gmail address in regards to taking over this community as moderator so I can get it back up and running again. LJ has definitely died down a lot in the past few years, but I'm sure this community would be one to get people back into the groove of things. And who doesn't love getting mail!!

But, in the event that Sarah isn't able to get back to me, who would be interested in joining a new community, moderated by me, that is essentially the same as this one? My plan is to keep it the same in pretty much every way, except I respect that Sarah doesn't want people just blindly copy and pasting the community rules etc onto a different community.

It'd still be international, still made up of both package rounds and postcard rounds, and still loads of fun!

So, if you're interested, post a comment here or message me at my own LJ, and we'll go from there!
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