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the art of mailing art

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the art of mailing art
PLEASE DO NOT COPY WHAT I'VE WRITTEN HERE, i'm flattered however, this keeps happening and it's VERY frustrating.
you're a smart cookie and can certainly come up with your own profile page for your community.
thank you,


This community is for people (local & international) who want to send & receive sweet little packages through the mail.
Each package is filled with requirements which are to be determined each time around (for example, a small painting, a photo, etc).
Usually we go with a theme [things that are blue, things from the 80s, stuff from your country/town] but we also have free-for-all rounds ")
Names are drawn and people mail their package to the person they have.
Everyone likes getting things in the mail right?

it was started in the summer of 2005 by my friend Steph, and I've been running it on my own since 2006!

join marvelousmail!

NO MONEY is needed to join this group, but if you're willing to help out i would of course appreciate it :)

hey! if you'd like to buy a Marvelous Mail button? then go HERE and read all about them!
or email me at MARVELOUSMAIL@GMAIL.COM [buttons are $1 each + s/h [ie; a stamp]
[photo and buttons made by Marajane01 at Etsy]

this community will be capped at 200 active members!
but people leave and spots open up faster than you'd think! so sign up!

IMPORTANT, please read before joining!!!
--if you are NOT watching the community when i check your profile, i will remove you from the waiting list.

since the community is full and i have a waiting list going, you can email me to be on the waiting list.
please include your name, address and lj name.
when i get to your name on the list, i check to make sure you have at least 30 interests and an active journal if you don't meet these requirements i skip over your name and take you off the list.
-so if you've been on for a while, and you haven't heard from me that may be the reason.
also if your lj has a strange layout so i can't see anything..you're out.
-also, if you aren't watching the community, i've most likely already skipped by your name. sorry, but those watching get in first since they are interested.

So you want to join Marvelous Mail...
1_ request to join the community you don't need to until i ask you to
2_send your full name, mailing address & your lj username to: marvelousmail@gmail.com
3_you will be sent the rules to read and 'sign' and then added to the community
4_have at least 30 intersts on your page AND an ACTIVE journal [i will check,]
5_after i check it all out, you'll be added to the community!!!
6_remember to check your email AND the Marvelous Mail community often to keep up with important updates
7_i keep your addresses safe! however, we are trading addresses so if you're concerned about strangers getting it [i try my best to make sure we're all on the level and that you get ppl who live far away from you] i can't be hel responsible for anything that happens.
that said, nothing ever has and i wouldn't worry about it :)

** The members of marvelous mail are international, so make sure you're okay with spending a little extra $$$ on shipping fees if applicable. you also need to send out your packages EARLIER than the due date if they live really far away from you.
*** Mailing addresses are kept safe & confidential!

1_all packages must be sent out by the due date, with ONE WEEK grace, if you cannot send it out, you MUST email me letting me know why. otherwise a strike will go against you.
2_all received packages MUST be posted in the marvelous mail community. if you don't have a camera, that's fine, but you still need to post saying that you got it, so that your partner and the mods know it was received
2.5_you need to email me at marvelousmail@gmail.com to say when you've sent out your pacakge
3_if a package gets lost in the mail, that's understandable, it'll happen, if it continuously happens, that's sketchy...so you may have a strike given depending on the circumstances.
4_when you send your package out, try to get the Tracking option, [sometimes you can't, that's ok] and if it's overseas please try and opt for the Airmail as opposed to Surface mail which takes alot longer.
4.5_make sure that what's in your package is ALLOWED in the country you're sending it to. there is a list at the bottom of the Marvelous Mail profile page.
5_ALWAYS keep the receipt from sending your pacakge, if there is a problem, i can ask for your receipt and see the date on it. if there is a problem and you don't have your receipt, there’s no way to prove you sent out your package
6_you must check the Marvelous Mail community AND your emails for updates.
7_after 2 strikes or any unruley behaviour will get you removed from the community.
8_if you always say that you aren't getting your packages from anyone, ever, well that's a little hard to believe. so don't join thinking you can get a bunch of free stuff out of the deal.
9_if there are any problems you need to email me WELL before the due date so that I can help you.
10_if you move, i need to know your new address!

Marvelous Mail happens usually every other month or so. keep up to date with the community or your email so that you don't miss important updates!

Sarah [girlaxia]

Here are some links you might need when mailing ^_^

Canada Post
United States Post
U.K. Post
Australian Post
Things you CAN'T mail to Australia

Fed Ex

i will be putting these on the profile page [the link got broken a while ago and i kept forgetting]

any other suggestions of important links for Marvelous Mail? LET ME KNOW!

**i reserve the right to 'ban' anyone we feel isn't playing fairly or continuously sends their packages out extremly late. it isn't fun for me to hound you about it, or for your receipiant to not get their package. if there are valid reasons of course, email ume and we'll work it out. thanks!